Quarry products in Ballarat

At Walsh Ballarat Quarries we have two quarries: Dunnstown Quarry in Yendon and Learmonth Quarry in Learmonth. Each quarry specialises in bluestone products and we pride ourselves on providing a range of top quality aggregates and asphalt products, including:

  • A and B grade 20mm crushed rock
  • A and B grade 40mm crushed rock
  • cement stabilised class crushed rock
  • dust
  • fully tested class 1,2,3 fine crushed rock
  • fully tested class 1,2,3 wetmix
  • rail ballast
  • surge pile
  • crushed bluestone.

Our quarry products are used by our customers in the construction, civil engineering and rail industries and a variety of other industries we service.

Aggregate Ballarat

At Walsh Quarries Ballarat we supply a range of grades of aggregate throughout regional Victoria, used for a variety of applications. Aggregate is the term used for blasted rock from a quarry that is crushed and screened to produce smaller sized material suitable for further processing within the construction industry such as fills, ready mixed concrete and coated roadstone.

Ask us about the aggregate products available from our quarries:

  • 5mm aggregate
  • 7mm aggregate
  • 10mm aggregate
  • 14mm aggregate
  • 20mm aggregate
  • concrete aggregate
  • sealing aggregate
  • class A pre-coated sealing aggregates
  • draining aggregate.